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Train Harder with an Exercise Step

  • Gopher Sports

    The Step

    The stepper is a classic addition to any fitness room, this step-up box is adjustable to a variety of heights and the platform features shock-absorbing, nonslip rubber for stability. ($35,

  • Risers Fitness Aerobic Stepper

    Get your exercise step aerobics workout in with this 26” Workout Stepper.  It is adjustable to 2 heights.  Whether you use it to target your hamstrings with alternating lunges or strengthen your chest with pushups, this stepper is a great calorie burner. ($23,

  • The Stepper

    Sculpt your entire body by step with this Step Workout System.  It is a simple, yet effective way to work your lower body while raising your heart rate for cardiovascular work as well.  This aerobic step system includes an all-step video with featured workouts. ($35,

  • The Studio Stepper

    Used by thousands of health clubs across the country, the Step fitness device works wonders for beginners as well as advanced steppers alike.  The high intensity mixed with low-impact is a way to work your whole body without injury. ($75,

  • The Step Studio Aerobic Stepper

    This Step Studio Aerobic Stepper is compact for sure anywhere, anytime.  You are able to make adjustments from four to six inches and the surface is non-slip for safety.  Whether you’re a newbie to the gym or a pro, this stepper is able to accommodate individual fitness levels.  ($22,

  • Aerobic Step Aerobic Trainer

    Work on coordination and improve your cardiovascular fitness with this secure, non-slip aerobic stepper.  The adjustable height allows you to use the stepper for multiple purposes and work every part of your body.  This stepper is stackable for easy storage and light enough to take wherever you need.  ($35,

  • Aerobic High Step Stack Risers

    With 5 levels of difficulty, this step platform can be used to sculpt your lower body and develop your cardiovascular system alike.  Risers can be added to increase difficulty while you complete plyometric exercises. ($49,


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