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7 Gym Bag Hacks That Will Save Your Fitness Life

Making time for workouts with (or, LBH, without) a demanding schedule can be tough. So every minute counts when you do make it to the studio or gym. Make the most out of your workouts with the smart life hacks featured in this video. We promise you'll spend less time in the locker room and more time working on those #goals.

1. The Anti-Stink Solution: Toss a dryer sheet in the bottom of your musty gym bag and you won't be embarrassed by the aroma every time you open that zipper. (Be honest with yourself. It hasn't smelled fresh in a long time.)

2. The Space-Saving Packing Method: You need to see it to believe it, but once you learn the art of the perfect fold you'll never go back to the shove-everything-in method again.

3. Never Go Sockless Again: You make it to the gym, change your clothes, get your jams queued up, and then it hits you: You forgot to pack socks! You can't bring yourself to buy pricey gym-shop socks, and you know what happens when you sweat in sneakers sockless. One simple laundry trick can help you avoid this problem.

4. Never Be Without a Hair Tie: If you have hair that's anything longer than a pixie cut, you know that working out with your hair down is about as realistic as that magic weight-loss pill infomercial. Storing hair ties on a carabiner clip can keep this travesty from ever happening to you.

5. Stop Digging for Your Lock: You're ready to work out and you stashed your boots, clothes, and a zillion other things in your locker, only to realize your combination lock is buried somewhere at the bottom of that pile. Ugh! Never dig for it again.

6. Get That Shower Gear Under Control: If you aren't lucky enough to have a gym shower that's outfitted with a plethora of the latest luxury shampoo and body wash (psh...), this DIY trick keeps your own products at the ready, saving you lots of heartache and cleanup.

7. The Perfect Cold Water Bottle: Lukewarm water—"Ah, just what you want right after a tough HIIT class," said no one ever. Quench your thirst with ice-cold water that stays that way throughout the entire class and beyond with this how-to-freeze-it hack.


Alyssa Sparacino

Alyssa is the deputy digital editor for SHAPE & FITNESS and an ACE certified personal trainer. She is a cycling and barre enthusiast, and lover of both planks and pasta. Before joining the #ShapeSquad she was the digital editor for HGTV Magazine and assistant editor of  More →

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