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"The Best Gift I Ever Got Was..."

  • Courtesy of Ballantine Books

    "The best gift I ever got was..."

    ...Bob Harper's book, The Skinny Rules. I've lost 63 pounds and now enjoy so many things that I was missing out on because of my obesity.
    —Madeline Colon

    $26, Barnes & Noble

  • Courtesy of Linens 'n Things

    Feel the Heat electric blanket. It was so sweet because it was from my youngest brother — he was probably 12 years old at the time — but he knew my bedroom was the coldest in the house and he wanted me to be warm.
    —Stephanie Sutherlin

    $90, Linens 'n Things

  • Photo by Flickr user Blue Funnies

    Book a Getaway

    ...a plane ticket from my best friend to go visit her in Connecticut.

    Price varies,

  • Photo by Flickr user Bari D

    Team Player

    ...a brick at Citi Field. I had told the gift giver not to give me anything and give the money to charity instead. But the proceeds from the brick went to the NY Mets Foundation and was distributed to local charities.
    —Mindy Chrystal


  • Photo by Flickr user Sarah B Brooks

    A Nutty Idea

    ...a 1970's Peanuts metal lunchbox. My boyfriend and I were reminiscing about our childhoods one day and I told him about how I had the same lunchbox for six years. A few weeks later, I found the exact replica of it sitting on the kitchen table! He tracked one down on eBay or something and I just started crying with joy.
    —Tricia Schafer

    Prices vary,

  • Courtesy of Gaiam Americas, Inc.

    Total Body Takeover

    ...the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program. It changed my life: I went from being tentative about exercise to being fully committed. I'm so happy with the changes that have occurred in me!
    —Monica Flores Pastrana


  • Courtesy of Garmin Ltd.

    Ready, Set, Run!

    ...a Garmin watch! I may have cried I was so happy about it.


  • Courtesy of Cuisinart

    Munch Away air popper for popcorn. I love it! My husband gave it to me and it's now our "go to" snack when we watch TV.
    —Kelly Snavely

    $60, Bloomingdale's

  • Courtesy of Fitbit

    Go-Getter Gadget Fitbit. I was at the state where I was getting off the couch and no longer making excuses about exercising or eating right, but was looking for that extra bit of motivation. The Fitbit gave me that and it's really helped me stay accountable to myself and the others I have linked up with.
    —Michelle Voytko


  • Courtesy of Apple Inc.

    Sleek Power iPhone! All the fitness apps I installed, which help me track my daily exercise, food, and health tips are simply amazing!

  • Photo by John Herr

    Going the Distance registration and entry fee for my first half-marathon. My parents bought it for me because they knew how hard I had been training and how badly I had wanted to run a half marathon. It was my first year running the distance; I've now run five half marathons!
    —Holly Douglas

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  • Amy Postle

    Gym Buddy

    ...a set of 10 personal training sessions. It hooked me for life — I'm now a personal trainer myself!
    —Lisa Dawn Jett

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  • Photo by Flickr user Woolmarket100

    Ruff Runner

    ...a Catahoula puppy from my boyfriend!

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  • Jack Miskell

    Get the Kinks Out

    ...a gift certificate for a one-hour full body massage at a local day spa. I was under tremendous stress and the massage was sensational. The gift was from two colleagues who are older and wiser than me.
    —Celeste Cockrill

    Price varies,

  • Courtesy of Polar

    Don't Miss a Beat

    ...the Polar FT7 heart rate monitor! My mom bought it for me as a reward for finishing Insanity; I love it and wear it for every workout.
    —Alissa Barry

    $109.95, REI