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Gotta-Have-It Gadget Gifts

  • Courtesy of Brookstone

    Power Up

    For those always on the go — and constantly draining their phone's battery life — the Mobile 2600 mAh Power Charger is must-have to stash in a tote at all times. The rechargeable stick gives fresh juice to mobile devices and comes in a rainbow of colors.


  • Courtesy of FitDesk

    Stand Up Straight

    One of the hottest health trends this year is the stand-up desk — there are even treadmill and cycling desks! We like FitDesk's Tabletop Standing Desk with Massage Bar for its simplicity: It can turn any table-like surface into a standing desk and has adjustable heights.


  • Courtesy of ShutterBall

    Sharp Snaps

    It's like a remote control for taking selfies and group photos: With a press of a button, Shutterball SHB301GR Remote Shutter for Smartphones uses Bluetooth technology to trigger your smartphone's camera, up to five feet away.


  • Courtesy of Nest

    Get a Real Degree

    A thermostat that doesn't suck has finally arrived. The Nest Learning Thermostat isn't just pretty; it's a smart little household must-have. It remembers which temps you like, creates a custom schedule for your home, and can be controlled from mobile devices while you're away.


  • Courtesy of Sharper Image

    Breathe Easier

    For the germaphobe gal who's nervous about recycled air on a plane, suffers from pollen and allergens outside, or can't stand getting caught behind a smoker on the sidewalk, this little gadget could save the day. The Personal Air Purifier hangs around your neck and uses a stream of negative ions to create a 3-foot sphere of healthier air around your head.


  • Courtesy of Google

    Refine Your Mobile

    The brand-new Moto X smartphone is a long-time Google project that is even more tricked-out than anticipated. It's responsive in that it knows when you pick it up and when to go into sleep mode. Its fast and simple operations are even more streamlined than usual — and it's so personal that you can train it to only respond to your voice. Your move, Tim Cook.

    Originally published on, October 2013.