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Get Fit with Nintendo's Wii Fit


What it is: While predecessor Wii Sports is all about perfecting your baseball or golf swing, Wii Fit offers activities that work more of your body, such as yoga, ski jumping, and hula-hooping.

How it works: You stand in front of your TV, on the balance board — a platform that senses shifts in your weight and is also a high-tech scale — and hold the wand (think TV remote). As you move, your on-screen avatar mirrors you. For activities such as yoga, the object is to follow the routine and correct your form; for something like the hula-hoop game, it's to catch hoops with your body as they're "tossed" at you.

Why we like it: It's truly fun — and possibly addictive.

The bottom line: This is an excellent any-age addition to your Wii console ($89.99,

Originally published in FITNESS magazine, June 2008.