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The Top 10 Workout DVDs

ss1_TeriJory.jpgBeat Belly Bulge

Poise Fitness: Core Training

(41 minutes; $14.99,

Estimated Calories Burned: 180

Why We Love It: This DVD tones your tummy with dance, Pilates, and martial arts moves.

Tester Says: "I worked ab muscles I didn't know I had!"



ss2_jeanettejenkins.jpgStrength Training 101

Jeanette Jenkins: 21 Day Total Body Circuit Workout

(60 minutes; $14.98,

Estimated Calories Burned: 350

What You'll Need: 5- to 10-pound dumbbells

Why We Love It: Well-rounded circuits tone every muscle, while the playlist keeps your energy up.

Tester Says: "I can bump up the difficulty as I get stronger."



ss3_10Minutes.jpgQuickie Workout

10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones!

(50 minutes; $16.98,

Estimated Calories Burned: 55 per series

Comes With: Resistance band

Why We Love It: Five strength workouts target everything from shoulders to butt.

Tester Says: "The band was so easy to use."


ss4_express152.jpgHead-to-Toe Results

Bell Express 15 Cardio Fitness Kit

(24 minutes; $29.99,

Estimated Calories Burned: 140

Comes With: Stability ball, jump rope

Why We Love It: This pulse-pounding workout trains you alongside athlete/model Gabby Reese.

Tester Says: "The routine was short but intense."

ss5_tracielong.jpgLower-Body Tone-Up

Tracie Long Training: Better Burn...Better Buns

(55 minutes; $14.99,

Estimated Calories Burned: 325

What You'll Need: 2- to 6-pound medicine ball

Why We Love It: Sculpts your butt, legs, and more with moves that go beyond lunges and squats.

Tester Says: "The trainer had energy without being hyper."


ss6_Stott.jpgBeat Pilates Boredom

Stott Pilates Intense Sculpting Challenge

(25 minutes; $14.95,

Estimated Calories Burned: 110

What You'll Need: Resistance band

Why We Love It: Offers big payoffs by pairing traditional Pilates moves with a muscle-toning band.

Tester Says: "You go right from one tough move to another."



ss7_hiphopparty.jpgSpice Up Your Routine

Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party

(44 minutes; $14.98,

Estimated Calories Burned: 230

Why We Love It: The high-energy dances give you a cardio and core-strengthening workout.

Tester Says: "The steps were easy and fun."



ss8_taebo.jpgBlast Mega Calories

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped

(31 to 55 minutes; $39.95,

Estimated Calories Burned: 290 to 530

Comes With: Weighted bar

Why We Love It: Our favorite kickboxing pro adds a 3-pound bar to this set of five DVDs.

Tester Says: "I felt a burn by the end of the warm-up."


ss9_rippedchiseled.jpgFor Advanced Exercisers

Get Ripped & Chiseled with Jari Love

(60 minutes; $14.99,

Estimated Calories Burned: 450

What You'll Need: 10-pound dumbbells

Why We Love It: With barely any rest and tons of reps, your heart rate is soaring the entire time.

Tester Says: "I worked harder than I could on my own."


ss10_yogafit.jpgInstant Calm

YogaFit Ultra

(90 minutes; $19.95,

Estimated Calories Burned: 240

Why We Love It: This video's got everything from Vinyasa flow sequences to complex poses.

Tester Says: "I've taken yoga before, and this video felt fresh."