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Denise Austin's Fat-Burning Dance Mix DVD Review


What says:

"It's no secret dancers have fantastic bodies — now you can too! Fat-Burning Dance Mix blends the hottest body-slimming dance moves to help you lose weight and shape a smoldering sexy body! With her infectious energy Denise Austin will have you twisting, jumping, and bumping your way to a leaner, more confident you. And with four exciting fat-burning dance routines to choose from, you can mix and match for a fun and fresh workout every time!"

What Jenna says:

"Are all videos this confusing? I feel like I missed the introductory period where the instructor gives a little prep on what exactly is happening. I mean the choreography was simple enough, but at times I felt like it sort of came out of nowhere. The switch between moves was a little illogical to me at some points, and I'm not alone. The redhead in the front messed up on the combination a bunch of times. Watching the redhead trip over some steps kept me motivated to stay with the routine. Plus my overeager pal Denise Austin kept on telling me that I was doing a great job. (I'm not so sure she believed it, but at least it kept me huffin' through the workout.)

"Level-wise this bad boy is right on point and after a few watches I totally forgot about the lack of signposting. The intensity is perfect for beginners and the choreography is quite simple, once you get the hang of it.

"Another plus side to this video: It's a time-crunched gal's dream. You can mix and match the routines. The feature lets you do a 20-minute workout (complete with warm-up and cool down), a 60-minute one, or anything in between."

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Originally published on, April 2007.