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Dance of the Kama Sutra with Hemalayaa DVD Review


What says:

"The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text, promotes the cultivation of sensuality as a sacred duty. The need to cultivate and reconnect with our sensual selves — the goddess at the core of every woman — remains as strong as ever, but the din and rush of modern life make the opportunities all too rare. Through playful movements and heart-centered meditation, yogini and Indian Dance expert Hemalayaa takes you on a journey of discovery. Find the freedom and fullness of expression that come from embracing yourself and your body. Join Hemalayaa in a dance of love and laughter that instills confidence, joy, and poise. The steps are sassy, suggestive, coquettish, and enormously fun. Gesture by gesture, swish by swish, you will remember that you are — and have always been — a divine dancer."

What Jenna says:

"First off, this DVD doesn't fit into my needs-to-be-quick criteria, logging in at 57 minutes. However, you can mix and match the session so you don't have to do the entire sequence. Other pluses: There are some slow-moving core moves that are quite challenging given their mindful execution. And if you are someone who carries all of your stress in your neck and upper shoulders, I suggest you run, not walk, to the torso and spine opener section.

"The best part of this video is the gentle neck moves. Taking even just a few moments to release tension in what is probably the tensest area made sitting through the video worth it. The final chapter, which is composed of slow-moving dance steps, helped me forgive some of the more seemingly pointless beginning exercises. The moves are calculated, calming, and mindful — and honestly a bit challenging.

"If you're looking for a little movement as a 'rest' day from the more hardcore video days, go to and try this one out."

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Originally published on, February 2008.