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Core Rhythms Dance Exercise DVD Review


What says:

"Core Rhythms Dance the pounds away with this extreme, core working, triple hip-action, ab-elicious Latin dance exercise DVD led by Jaana and Julia, professional Latin Ballroom Dancers who make exercise fun and easy. Easy-to-follow menus can be accessed during workout. Uplifting beats and wonderful instructors make it easy to move your feet and lose inches simultaneously."

What Savannah says:

"The Core Rhythms Dance Exercise DVD claims to make exercise easy and fun and it doesn't disappoint. Using a variety of Latin dance moves, Jaana and Julia keep you sweating from the start. Unlike other exercise DVDs, this one has some really helpful features. Instead of having the instructors always face you, you can flip the screen so they are facing away from you like a real class. Also, if you get stuck on a move, you can have them stop and break down the move in slow motion for you.

"At first, I felt a little self-conscious about doing some of the moves. But when I started to feel the burn in my thighs only five minutes into the DVD, I realized that even though I felt a little ridiculous, it was obviously working. The workout does take 45 minutes to complete, so it's not really for those who are pressed for time. However, since the workout doesn't require a lot of room, even girls in dorm rooms or Manhattan apartments can do it.

"Jaana and Julia look great and are very encouraging. If I can look like them from doing this DVD, I will definitely be popping it in the DVD player a few times a week and unleashing my inner Shakira."

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Originally published on, July 2008.