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Bellydance for Core Fitness DVD Review


What says:

"Bellydance Core Fitness Workout flows from a warm-up and isolations that engage your core muscles to dance combinations and a beautiful dance routine. Every movement in the workout has a name that can be referenced in the tutorial section where each is carefully explained. The tutorial section contains a 1 hour 40 minute in-depth presentation by Ayshe explaining the roles of the core muscles in the anatomy of dance movement and their impact on our health and postural habits."

What Jenna says:

"While the instruction is pretty clear and the signposting (my ultimate must-have feature) is on point, the production quality is bad. The selection menu looks like it was created with an Apple G2 desktop and the sound quality on the voice-over instruction would have been a passing grade for an AV class in the '80s!

"One positive aspect about the DVD is the tutorial section. Instructor Ayshe goes through the basics of form, steps, and rhythm so even the most absolute beginners have some insight as to what in the heck is going on. I also think it is super important to include a music-only option, so the folks at home can improve right along at their own pace, and Ayshe has that in her '80s menu. Beginners will love the fact that this is low-impact and easy to follow."

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Originally on, September 2007.