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10 Best Workout DVDs

  • J Muckle

    Top Allover Toner

    Celeb trainer Ashley Borden has created "the perfect complement" to any routine. Her single-disc 6 Weeks to Sculpted packs 14 intermediate to advanced workouts—head-to-toe strengthening, HIIT, plyo and yoga flow—into a training calendar. "I found new muscles to be sore, even after a 10-minute workout," one reviewer said. Hits the spot—every spot.

    Calories burned: 60 (yoga) to 162 (typical 24-minute circuit)

    Equipment needed: 3- to 8-pound dumbbells, foam roller (optional)

  • J Muckle

    The Total Package

    In his new P90 DVD set, the supertrainer Tony Horton drops the "X" for an all-levels-welcome version of his wildly popular 90-day program. The 10 workouts—including total-body and core on the floor routines—are mapped out for you in a follow-along schedule. The modification options to the mix of cardio and resistance moves "make every set possible" for a gymlike intensity, testers said, all in 25 minutes. "It doesn't get much better than that," one reviewer raved.

    Calories burned: 30 (8-minute abs) to 356 (42-minute circuit)

    Equipment needed: Pro-grade resistance band with door attachment (included in kit)

  • J Muckle

    Quickie Pick

    Mix-and-match interval training works magic in Natalie Jill's Rev4 Rev It Up. The four 10-minute routines hit different trouble zones so you can do them as stand-alones—"I definitely felt I got a good workout after each," one tester said—or combine them for a total-body session. Testers loved that they could "switch things up for time-pressed mornings" and gave props to instructor Jill's "nice energy." Expect a variety of planks and booty-shaping moves.

    Calories burned: 32 (per workout)

    Equipment needed: None

  • J Muckle

    Raises the Barre

    "In the age of extreme everything," one tester said, the low-impact fat melters in BarreAmped Boot Camp "deliver results in a nonjarring, refreshingly friendly way." Trim and tone with pliés, lunges and tiny lifts using a set of light weights—and feel the firming magic "working after only a few sessions." Win–win.

    Calories burned: 394 (full 60-minute workout)

    Equipment needed: 2- to 5-pound dumbbells, chair

  • J Muckle

    Middle Manager

    The express route to a two-piece starts here: Bikini Body: Absolution. The pair of 20-minute workouts take the burn-and-firm approach to cinching with a cardio-focused session of jumps, squats, lunges and planks, then a toning series of what a reviewer described as "new-to-me ab exercises that kick the typical crunch's booty." Get ready for the wood-chopping arabesque move, one tester jokingly warned. So sore but so sleek!

    Calories burned: 74 (sculpting) to 170 (cardio)

    Equipment needed: 2- to 5-pound dumbbells

  • J Muckle

    Killer Cardio

    Lose yourself in the high-energy rhythm of the Pound Rockout Results System, a five-disc sweatfest in which you wield drumsticks (aka Ripstix) instead of weights. "The drumming takes your mind off your muscles hurting!" one tester marveled. You'll "constantly tap the sticks" in each routine—core, upper body, lower body, intervals, tune-up and jam session—for a "totally unique" cardio blast.

    Calories burned: 254 (per workout)

    Equipment needed: Drumsticks (Ripstix included)

  • J Muckle

    Smash HIIT

    "You will never get bored," said one tester, with the push-yourself workouts in the 21 Day Fix—seven 30-minute sessions ranging from high-intensity cardio-strength circuits to Pilates. Each routine "amps up familiar moves" to crank your calorie burn. Another tester was wowed that "so many different modifications and options were shown to help me switch up my workout." There's an included diet plan for those on a mission to trim.

    Calories burned: 37 (10-minute abs) to 254 (30-minute circuit)

    Equipment needed: Resistance bands or 3- to 12-pound dumbbells

  • J Muckle

    Most Om-azing

    Element 5 Day Yoga offers five 15-minute sequences to pick and choose from based on your mood and motivation. "It's an easy way to get to the mat every day," one tester said, whether your body needs a Stretch & Restore session or more of an invigorating Energy & Flexibility set. Plus "the instructor provided just enough guidance, no unnecessary chatter." Namaste to that.

    Calories burned: 40 (per workout)

    Equipment needed: Yoga mat

  • J Muckle

    Lead Dancer

    So you think you can't dance? Now you can—and get "a good cardio workout," one reviewer said, to boot. You'll quickly love the hip-hop mix that makes up the 45-minute sesh in Groov3's Dance Sweat Live. The easy-to-learn choreography is broken down step-by-step for newbies before each sequence, "which allows you to gain confidence in your dancing as if nobody's watching" but hustles along so that "you're sweating" by the time you get into the rhythm.

    Calories burned: 310

    Equipment needed: None

  • J Muckle

    Hot Momma

    Instructor Leah Sarago offers moms-to-be six 15-minute workouts in Fit + Sleek Prenatal Physique. Choose from cardio (think lunge variations with leg and arm lifts), bump-friendly core sessions and upper-body mat exercises. String a few together for a longer workout, or "pick just one if you want to ease up as your pregnancy progresses," our due-any-day tester suggested.

    Calories burned: 40 (stretching) to 79 (cardio sculpt)

    Equipment needed: Three sets of dumbbells (light, medium, heavy) from 2 to 8 pounds, yoga mat, chair

    *All estimated calories burned are based on a 140-pound woman.