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The Workout Gear You Need This Winter

  • Dew Tour/NBC Sports

    Your One-and-Done Coat

    Kaitlyn Farrington, snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist, hits the slopes no matter how low temps drop. Her stay-warm secret: the North Face Thermoball. "It's great for traveling because it also turns into a pillow," she says.

    Her stick-with-it strategy: Surround yourself with competition. "I see all the other athletes working so hard, and that keeps me motivated," says Farrington. All the more reason to grab that workout buddy. Here's a routine made for a dynamic duo.

  • Dew Tour/NBC Sports

    Happy Feet

    Even though it may seem like it, Olympians don't hang in their fit gear 24/7. Devin Logan, freeskier and Olympic medalist, opts for Dalbello boots when she's not on the slopes. These babies come custom fit, so they'll mold right to your feet to ensure snug, warm toes.

    Her stick-with-it strategy: Rest when you need it, and enjoy your workouts. "Time off is actually a great thing," says Logan. "You don't need to be in the gym all day. Just get out there and get outside. Go hiking or go to the park with your friends and play games."

  • Burton Snowboards

    You've Got to Be Mitten Me

    Kelly Clark, snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist, needs non-frozen fingers when spending a day perfecting tricks on the half-pipe. That's why she sticks them in Burton's Touchscreen Liner Mittens. "They're compact, and the screen grab technology means you don't need to take them off to answer your phone or send a text." Be still, Instagram-loving hearts.

    Her stick-with-it strategy: Skip the excuses. To stay in shape, Clark gets creative when she travels (usually three weeks out of the month). Some of her favorites: using swings at playgrounds as makeshift TRX loops, doing single-leg stair hops, and locking resistance bands in doors.

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    Head On Up

    Spending hours in the snow means tons of time in cold, dry air. What's the first thing to get cold? Your extremities, and that includes your ears. To stay toasty, Jamie Anderson, pro snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist, pops on Hendrik Lou's sustainable alpaca wool beanies. Each piece is made from natural and sustainable fibers, so you can feel good about keeping warm while enjoying the great outdoors.

    Her stick-with-it strategy: Find your center. For Anderson, that can be in a quiet moment alone outside, or with a rowdy group of girlfriends. "The winter season is long, but embracing nature can really help ground you and bring balance to your everyday grind," she says."[And] having a good group of friends you can be yourself around, who support you and your goals, gives you a built-in stress release. My friends and I love to dance everything off at the end of the day!"

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    Sweet Sneaks

    Let's face it: No matter how much we try to be equal opportunity athletes, everyone falls in love with one brand more than another. Hannah Kearney, a pro mogul skier and Olympic gold medalist, is a New Balance gal at heart and owns a different pair of kicks for every style of workout (we like these Fresh Foam 980s for running). She considers it to be a shoe problem, but we're just going to say it's necessary.

    Her stick-with-it strategy: "I set goals daily; I talk with my trainer to figure out how I'm going to accomplish them, and I set a timeline," she says." If I can check things off on a daily basis, I feel like I'm becoming a more organized person and a better athlete." We love this Believe journal to keep us motivated on the path to success.