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How to Clean Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a workout that's finally getting its much-deserved time in the spotlight. But with it comes a very good question that we've typed into Google more than a few times: "How to clean boxing gloves." Here's what Becca Napelbaum, cleaning expert at Handy, says works best:

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

1. Have plenty of paper towels.

"With boxing gloves, prevention is better than cure," says Napelbaum. "You should wipe your boxing gloves down with a paper towel inside and out after every use to help minimize the moisture that makes them a breeding ground for bacteria." Do this as soon as your workout is finished, so you're less likely to forget after you hit the showers.

2. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect.

In a spray bottle, combine a solution that's one part vinegar and two parts water. After a thorough wipe down with the paper towels, spray the outside of each glove with the solution and wipe clean with a fresh paper towel. Then, spray the insides and pat dry. Leave the straps loose and the gloves as open as you can so they continue to air-dry.

3. Keep them out of your gym bag.

Stuffing them in a dark, moist environment with your sweaty gym clothes is only going to breed bacteria, says Napelbaum. If you have to transport them, hang them from the outside of your bag like you would a pair of sneakers or a helmet.

4. Whatever you do, don't put them in the washing machine.

Napelbaum says this will ruin the leather on your gloves, sending you to the store way sooner than you'd like for a fresh set.


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