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10 Best Wireless Headphones for Your Workout

  • Monster

    Monster Adidas Sport

    These Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with bigger bass and great noise isolation. Their sweatproof design and washable bud covers make them the perfect gym companion, from spin to Savasana. ($100;

  • Monster

    iSport Freedom Headphones

    Multifunction keys = minimal distractions from looking at your phone. The ear cushions are antimicrobial and washable, and they're waterproof with a reflective trim for taking them on the run. ($200;

  • LG

    LG Tone Active

    This headset will go the distance with IPX3 water rating and sweat resistance. It has retractable earbuds for safe storage and convenience, plus a custom fit so the cords won't hang low. ($103;

  • Jaybird

    Jaybird X2

    The sport foam ear tips and ear fins mean ultimate comfort for outdoor and high-impact activities. The eight-hour battery life and enhanced Bluetooth signal abilities mean you can leave your device on the bench and not have to worry about your music skipping a beat. ($150;

  • Beats by Dre

    Beats Solo Wireless

    These Beats are ultra comfortable and give major clarity to your tunes, so you can immerse yourself in your weight training. The battery has 12 hours of power and a foldable design for everything in the gym as well as to and from. They come in every color, so you'll be sure to find the set that fits you exactly. ($300;

  • Beats by Dre

    Powerbeats Wireless

    These buds hook in place and won't weigh you down. They're even IPX4 rated, and their tangle-free cord design means you can get straight to work as soon as you hit the gym floor. ($200;

  • JBL

    JBL Reflect Mini

    These are the lightest sport earphones out there, and their reflective cord means you can power through your run into the evening hours and still be visible on the road. They're low profile so you can get your dumbbells up overhead without yanking out your earphone on the way up. ($100;

  • Jabra

    Jabra Sports Pace Wireless

    These military-grade shockproof headphones are made to withstand it all. An integrated app can track your runs and help you plan and monitor your training for the big race. ($100;

  • Jabra

    Jabra Sports Pulse

    The Sports Pulse is made for your outdoor training, with a built-in heart-rate monitor to boot. It'll make it through the rain, sand, and dust for all the terrains you're hoping to master. ($200;

  • Skull Candy

    Ink'd Wireless

    This sensible set has a flexible collar that can pack up easily. Noise isolation and a low-profile design mean you can wear these when you hit the mat without cords bugging your neck. ($50;