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5-Minute Workouts

Only have 5 minutes? Then you've got time for any of these workouts that can: blast calories, relieve cramps, triple your results and even help you have great sex. (Seriously. Try it.)

What are friends for? To work out with! Try this 6-minute toning routine with your workout buddy.

Got a problem area (or two)? This high-speed workout, developed by trainer Amy Bento, star of the 10 Minute Solution: Tone Your Trouble Zones DVD, will tone your jiggle zones.

Cancel out those bite-sized sweets with these calorie-burning exercises that tone your calves, butt, shoulders, chest, and abs.

Combining dumbbells and resistance bands can double — and even triple — your upper- and lower-body strength. Try this express workout for fast results.

This express workout includes 6 martial arts moves that build strength and body confidence.

These five easy moves will strengthen those oh-so-handy-to-have-in-the-bedroom muscles.

Do these 5 moves as soon as pain strikes and you'll feel better fast.

Tone your abs, arms, butt, and legs with this quick, do-anywhere routine from California-based trainer Annika Carlson. Her six-move full-body express workout will have you toned in no time.

Beyond busy? Try this fast, total-body routine from Keli Roberts, a master trainer in Pasadena and star of the TimeSavers video workout series.