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The 20-Minute Morning Workout to Start Your Day Right

If your excuse to skip a workout is a lack of time or a lapse in gym membership, this workout will solve all of your woes (P.S. See 10 Way to Sneak in a Workout). All you need is some decent floor space and your bodyweight to get in a solid sweat session.

Your trainers for this speedy workout will take you through full-body moves from elbow planks and pike presses to jumping jacks and side-lunges. In other words, you'll have your heart pumping and muscles burning all before your morning cup of coffee. (Still not sold? See: How to Train Yourself to Exercise in the Morning). Those endorphins will supercharge your confidence as you head out the door, not to mention it'll shoot your productivity through the roof once you get to the office. Get started now, then feel free to chime in on social media and thank us later. Oh, and if you want to make it a habit, try these 6 Tips for Becoming a Morning Workout Person.