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The Bosu Ball HIIT Circuit That Cinches and Sculpts

  • Jeff Olson

    About This Workout

    Those same old sets won't bring your sexy back, but here's something that will. "You can bust any body plateau you've hit by shaking up your go-to tools," says Hannah Davis, the founder of Body by Hannah in New York City. Davis concocts fresh pairings — such as the Bosu ball ($130, and resistance band (Gold's Gym Power Resistance Tube, $9, combo she's rocking here — and turns them into 20 minutes of toning that will kick your butt. Do her circuit three times through to let the carving begin.

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  • James Farrell

    Booty Press

    Targets shoulders, abs, butt, legs.

    • Stand facing away from Bosu, holding one handle of band in right hand, elbow bent by side. Step right foot on other end of band (one-third the distance from handle) and rest left toes atop Bosu.
    • Lower into a lunge, bending both knees 90 degrees and tapping left knee to floor; stand up and press right arm overhead (make sure there is enough tension in band).
    • Continue lunge and press for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps); switch sides and repeat.
  • James Farrell

    Balance Row

    Targets back, biceps, abs, and legs

    • Stand on center of band atop Bosu with feet shoulder-width apart; grasp handles, crossing band so that it forms an X and palms face fronts of thighs.
    • Hinge forward from hips so that back is near parallel to floor, arms hanging down.
    • Drive elbows out to sides, squeezing shoulder blades together. Lower arms and repeat.
    • Continue for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps).
  • James Farrell

    Reverse Flye Girl

    Targets shoulders, back, inner thighs, and outer thighs.

    • Stand with Bosu to your right, holding band with both hands, arms extended in front of you (wrap ends of band around fists).
    • Sidestep right foot atop Bosu, then push off center to hop up and over Bosu, landing with right foot to right of ball and left foot on ball; as you land, pull hands farther apart so that arms form a T.
    • Repeat, pushing off Bosu with left foot (as you bring hands back to start at center) so that right foot lands atop it and left foot is to the left of ball; pull hands apart to form a T.
    • Continue alternating sides for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps).
  • James Farrell


    Targets shoulders, back, abs, and legs

    • Place center of band under Bosu, then stand with feet shoulder-width apart on top of ball. Hold one handle of band with both hands so that palms are between legs, facing behind you.
    • Bending knees slightly, hinge forward from hips so that torso is near parallel to floor; maintain bent-over position and raise arms overhead in line with torso.
    • Slowly lower arms and repeat for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps).
  • James Farrell

    Bosu Push-Up

    Targets chest, arms, and abs

    • Kneel on floor a few feet behind inverted Bosu, wrapping band around your upper back and gripping ends in each hand (wrap band around fists to pick up slack).
    • Place hands shoulder-width apart on top of Bosu and get into full push-up position, legs extended behind you.
    • Bend elbows to lower chest, then push up to complete 1 rep.
    • Continue for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps).
  • James Farrell

    Pike and Pull

    Targets back, biceps, and abs

    • Sit atop Bosu, knees slightly bent, then wrap band around right foot, crossing band so that it forms an X; hold handles, palms in.
    • Lift right leg a few inches off floor and lean back 45 degrees; straighten arms as you lean.
    • Crunch up and simultaneously drive elbows behind you until hands reach ribs, lifting right leg as high as you can.
    • Lower upper body to 45-degree position as arms straighten and right leg lowers toward floor (without touching).
    • Continue for 20 seconds (10 to 15 reps). Switch sides and repeat.

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, June 2014.