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Get Rid of Job-Related Jiggle

  • Jay Sullivan

    Blade Kiss and Circles

    What you'll need: A desk, a chair, and a pen

    Targets: Shoulders, upper back

    • Sit straight on chair with feet and legs together, abs engaged, arms extended at shoulder level in front of you, palms down.
    • Draw shoulder blades together to make them "kiss"; relax shoulders. Do 5 reps.
    • Keeping arms extended, make 10 apple-size circles with hands. Do combo 8 times.
  • Jay Sullivan


    Targets: Thighs

    • Stand with feet together behind chair, holding onto its back with both hands.
    • Lift heels off floor to rise up on tiptoe, squeezing thighs together.
    • Keeping abs engaged, back straight, and heels up, rotate lower body to left.
    • Bend knees slightly and move body down and up 1 inch; do for 1 minute.
    • Lower heels. Repeat, rotating to right. (For an extra challenge, place a piece of paper between thighs, and don't drop it!)
  • Jay Sullivan

    Straight-Arm Squeeze

    Targets: Shoulders, triceps, back

    • Sit up straight on edge of chair with feet and legs together, abs engaged, arms extended behind you, palms in.
    • Squeeze arms in against chair back; release. Do 10 reps. On last squeeze, move arms up and down 1 inch; do 10 reps.
  • Jay Sullivan

    Leg Curl and Press

    Targets: Butt, hamstrings

    • Sit up straight on left side of chair's edge with feet together, abs engaged.
    • Bend left knee (calf beside chair, parallel to floor), and place pen behind it.
    • Hold sides of chair, flex left foot, and curl left heel up toward seat. Do 5 reps.
    • Holding curl, press left leg back 5 times; repeat circuit. Switch legs; repeat.
  • Jay Sullivan

    Standing Pretzel

    Targets: Obliques, hips

    • Stand behind chair, right hand on its back, left hand behind head, elbow out.
    • Raise right heel off floor, bend left knee and lift out to side at hip level 20 times.
    • Keeping left knee raised, bring left shoulder toward hip; release. Do 20 reps. Switch sides; repeat combo.

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, October 2008.