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Zumba Isn't Just About Dance Anymore


Those of us with two left feet when it comes to dance choreography can rejoice and attempt Zumba. The original cult favorite class is normally dance-heavy with a fully choreographed total-body workout. It has developed a massive following (15 million weekly participants!) since its inception in 2001. (Check out their recent #RealMenDance that went viral on social.)

With the surge in popularity of interval-style workouts and more boutique classes cropping up every day, they've decided it's time to mix things up. Zumba has partnered with ACE to launch a new exercise program called "STRONG by Zumba." That is, a non-dance workout with HIIT-inspired movements. It's based on Synced Music Motivation, which means you're still getting the fun tracks to sweat to, without the rhythmic choreographed moves. They reverse-engineered the music so it's built to sync with your movements and help you work even harder during the class.

Zumba and ACE are working together with ACE's Zumba Instructors Study Program as a resource for new and veteran Zumba teachers. The teachers will also receive the benefits of ACE education when they train in the new HIIT-based program. Both groups anticipate the partnership will enhance the instructor pool, which means better, safer workouts for STRONG and regular Zumba workouts. Check out the preview of the class below.

It's a good move to diversify for the Zumba brand. It's already a go-to workout for extroverts and now it gives everyone—including the choreography-challenged—the opportunity to try out a HIIT workout they may have not known they could love. We all know a great playlist can make a huge difference for a workout, no matter the style.