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Walking Workout: Tone Your Arms As You Walk

  • Sarah Kehoe

    30-Minute Upper-Body Blitz

    Forget hand weights or park-bench push-ups. You can walk your way to sleek shoulders, a sculpted back and toned arms without them. "Just making fists with your hands for these moves signals the arm muscles to contract and adds a little extra burn," says walking pro Tina Vindum.

    The Routine

    Warm up by doing three big, slow arm circles in each direction to prime your shoulder joints. Walk for 5 minutes, then do the first exercise here, matching the pace of the arm movements to your footfalls — no stopping! Repeat until you've done all four moves; finish with 5 minutes of walking.

  • Sarah Kehoe

    Upright Row

    Targets: Shoulders, upper back, and abs

    • Make a fist with each hand and start with hands near hips, palms facing you.
    • Bring both fists up to armpits, skimming torso with knuckles and keeping elbows bent out to sides higher than hands throughout movement.
    • Squeeze shoulder blades and upper-back muscles together to draw elbows back, raising fists to shoulder height.
    • Lower hands to start.
    • Do 25 reps.
  • Sarah Kehoe

    Chest Press

    Targets: Chest, biceps, and abs

    • Make a fist with each hand, arms straight down by sides, palms forward. (Beginners can keep hands open.)
    • Keeping shoulders down and back, contract abs and lift both arms straight in front of you, palms up, to press pinkies together at shoulder height.
    • Squeeze chest, then lower arms to start.
    • Do 25 reps.
  • Sarah Kehoe

    Lateral Press

    Targets: Shoulders and triceps

    • Make a fist with each hand and raise elbows out to sides at shoulder height, fists at armpits, palms facing in.
    • Keeping elbows fixed at shoulder height (as if you have a broomstick over shoulders), slowly swing fists down until they're perpendicular to ground and then out, ending with arms extended straight out to sides, palms facing behind you.
    • Bend elbows to return to start.
    • Do 25 reps.
  • Sarah Kehoe

    One-Arm Reverse Flye

    Target: Shoulders

    • Place left hand on left hip and, making a fist with right hand, rest it on top of left hand, palm facing in. Draw shoulders down and back.
    • With right elbow slightly bent, lift right arm on a diagonal to right and up, ending with right hand slightly higher than right shoulder, palm forward.
    • Lower right arm to return to start.
    • Do 25 reps. Switch arms, repeat.

    Originally published in FITNESS magazine, April 2009.