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Walk Your Butt Off: Lose Weight Walking


Go against the grain.

Swinging your left arm and leg in sync — rather than left arm and right leg — burns 26 percent more calories, according to a new study from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Translation: A 3-mph walk goes from torching 211 calories per hour to 266. Totally worth the stares!

Move it on up.

Add a 5.0 incline, and that 3-mph walk blasts 346 calories, a 64 percent boost. "Your butt and legs work harder against gravity," explains exercise physiologist Julia Valentour of the American Council on Exercise.

Trade pavement for path.

Taking your stride to an uneven trail adds a balance challenge that helps you melt 82 percent more calories (384 per hour at a 3-mph pace).

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