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Is This the Treadmill of the Future?

UNITY by Technogym

When it comes to running, 73 percent of people are going to head outside before hopping on the conveyor belt, according to a recent Brooks Running survey. There's just something about stepping onto a treadmill that makes us, well, deem it the dreadmill. Plus, when you want to make the most of your workout, running outside has always won because of apps like RockMyRun or Spotify Running, which choose beats that match your stride. (Research shows that working out to matching music increases endurance by 15 percent.)

That's all about to change, and right on cue—the weather's colder, days are shorter (yep, it's winter). Technogym, a team that creates genius-level fitness equipment, recently debuted the first-ever music-interactive treadmill technology. With a quick download of its free UNITY app, users can access the Android- and iPhone-friendly Running Music feature on any Technogym treadmill—and the connection is born! Simply hop on the treadmill, log into your account, and pick "Running Music." Choose the genre you're feeling that day (or just an artist, if you're in the mood for all T-Swift), then start running. That's it! The treadmill will automatically select the most suitable tunes for your workout, based on the number of strides you make in a minute, and craft a personalized playlist that'll keep you energized and moving. Want to speed up or slow down? Your playlist will adjust along with you. You'll never have to touch or restart anything. (Don't believe us? Check out Technogym's demo video here to see it in action.)

Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a bit before this fancy new feature is integrated into commercial and home treadmills. The company anticipates it'll be accessible in the next year, and yes, the app will be totally free to download. In the meantime, if the frigid temps have you skipping your outdoor runs (though you'll score this major benefit if you get out there!), you can keep on top of your workouts with these boredom-busting routines and these indoor-training tricks.