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Add a Little Hunger Games to Your Workout

  • Work Your Upper Body

    Not loving the idea of a bow and arrow in your living room? This exercise uses resistance bands to target similar upper body muscles. And calories are the only casualty.

  • Run Your Butt Off

    Uphill and downhill training can help you slash your race time by 2 percent. Hey, every little bit counts when you're storming the Capitol. Here's how to run stronger and faster.

  • Stay on Your Toes

    This exercise targets your arms, chest, abs, back, and thighs—you'll be ready for anything!

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    Get Dirty

    Much like The Hunger Games, many of the latest mud runs and obstacle courses will have you jumping over fire, climbing trees, and getting drenched in far-from-spa-like water—with the very important bonus of not fearing for your life. Here's how to train for a mud run.

  • Throw a Perfect Punch

    Perfecting your punch can help sculpt your shoulders, arms, and even abs—just, you know, don't actually hit anyone.


Kiera Carter

Kiera Carter is the executive web editor of FITNESS and SHAPE. She's also a New York University alum, Brooklyn resident, and half marathon lover.  More →

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