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Extensive selection of articles containing fitness training tips. Includes how to avoid injury, best workout tips of all-time, and popular stretches to prevent cramps while working out. From

August marks the official celebration of the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary, so obviously it's time to plan a visit. With 58 parks to choose from, there's one for every personality.

How the Olympian is using an ancient Chinese technique to help with his athletic performance.

Supermarkets are trying to bust their way into the fitness sphere by offering classes where you grab your groceries. Convenient, or just plain crazy?

If you think ultimate frisbee is just a fancy name for tossing a disc around, think again. This up-and-coming sport could be the get-fit solution to your summer workout boredom.

No equipment, no excuses! Burn fat and torch calories with this HIIT cardio routine.

To-die-for scenery, a challenging trek, and crossing off a bucket list goal: Check, check, check. Here are the hiking trails you should be walking on right now. Go grab your backpack!

Hint: You shouldn't blame your muscles 

You—and your legs—know the ins and outs of treadmill and elliptical machines. But there's another way to tap into heart-pumping cardio at the gym: the StairMaster.

Think outside the box and do your workout on a whole new set of gym equipment.

Some personal trainer relationships are a match made in heaven.

Forget the bulky, uncomfortable chest straps (because let's be honest, you weren't really using them anyway).

You, Miss Introvert, prefer to feel the burn in a more independent setting than your extroverted friends.

According to new research, you can boost your endurance without even feeling the extra effort—as long as you look at the right thing. That's right—learn how your eyes can override your muscles.

When all those group fitness class descriptions list "Tabata-style" over and over, it's time to stop scratching your head in confusion.

Since you can't spend all weekend watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 over and over (or can you?), here are five ways to bring a little fight to your workout.

Whether you live to exercise or exercise to live, we know you want to get the most out of your workout. Step one: Knowing how to separate fitness facts from fiction.

When you do your workout with a friend, you could get a bigger endorphin boost, a study from the University of Oxford suggests.