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Climb Away 150 Calories in 15 Minutes

Shannon Greer

Climb Away Calories

A staircase is all you need to blast about 150 calories in 15 minutes. Try this routine from Eric Von Frohlich, founder of in New York City. To increase the challenge, do it twice or hold light dumbbells. Power walk down the stairs between intervals to keep your heart rate elevated.

MinutesWhat to Do
0:00-4:00Warm up by repeatedly walking up and down one flight of stairs; maintain a steady pace.
4:00-6:00Skater steps. Stand facing stairs. Step right foot to the right side of first step. Push off of right foot and step left foot to the left side of next step. Continue up, alternating sides.
6:00-7:00Squat jumps. Facing the stairs, hop up with both feet and land in a squat. Hold for 2 counts, then jump up to next step.
7:00-9:00Left side cross-steps. Stand with left side facing stairs, left foot on first step. Step right foot in front of left onto second step. Repeat. For a bigger challenge, try two steps at a time.
9:00-11:00Right side cross-steps. Repeat above, this time leading with your right side.
11:00-13:00Step lunges. Step up two steps with right leg, bending knee 90 degrees into a lunge; bring hands down to touch step in front of you. Stand and repeat with left leg.
13:00-15:00Power walk up and down as fast as you can.