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Spinning Workouts

Upgrade your usual spinning workout with these exercise videos, cycling tips and more.

Going fast and building muscle are both important facets of indoor cycling—but here's what to do if something has to give.

Can't get a seat in the studio? Now you can sweat it out at home without missing any of the in-class benefits.

We love group-cycling class just as much as the next cardio queen, but you don't need to pay $30 every. single. time. For this killer cycling workout, all you need is a bike and a smartphone.

Clip in with one of these 10 cycling shoes and really rack up the miles on your bike this year.

It's finally happening: your first SoulCycle class.

The hardest part of Spinning isn't the climbs. It's avoiding the many variables (seat height! resistance! posture!) that could mess with your form, efficiency, and overall workout.

Spin class: It's your one-stop shop for a high-energy, heart-pumping, muscle-toning good time.

Indoor cycling blasts more than 500 calories in less than an hour. How to make it even better?

I love workouts that hurt so good. But the sting I got in Spinning class wasn't at all what I had signed up for.

Good music can make any ride better, as long as you match your pedal stroke to the beat. Try this playlist from Soul Cycle instructor Rique Uresti.

Cycling is about the most fun you can have burning more than 500 calories an hour. Plus it's so simple anyone can do it. What's stopping you? Get back in the spin with our pedal-pushing pointers.