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5 Ways to Stay Active on a Ski Trip (Without Actually Skiing)

  • Deer Valley

    Go Fast

    Still crave a little downhill option, but not super into sliding around on two sticks? There are other ways to increase your heart rate.

    #MakeFitHappen: The Washington School House, a restored boutique hotel in Park City, Utah, has a "skip the slopes" package full of activities for non-skiers like a dogsled ride, a sleigh ride, and for super-adventurers, bobsledding. At the Utah Olympic Park, a professional "pilot" will take you down the actual 1992 Olympic bobsled track, getting your heart rate up as you whiz through 10 curves, hitting up to 70 mph. At Deer Valley Resort in Park City, you can spend the day snowmobiling through 7,000 acres of private terrain.

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    It's as easy as walking, yet you can burn up to 600 calories an hour by strapping these onto your feet. They work by distributing your body weight over a larger surface, so you can glide over dense snow without sinking through the way you would in your regular snow boots.

    #MakeFitHappen: In Vail, Colorado, you can borrow a pair for free and join the daily guided snowshoe tour through the Nature Discovery Center, where you'll learn about winter animal adaptations and tour the forests atop Vail Mountain.

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    Ice Skate

    It might be too icy to hit the pavement for a run, but ice skating burns a similar number of calories: almost 500 an hour, in fact.

    #MakeFitHappen: Going round and round a man-made rink can get dull quickly. But that won't happen if you skate at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont—it has the longest skating trail in the United States. Glide around the 4.5-mile loop of Lake Morey in figure skates or hockey skates (they're stiffer, so they offer better support if you have ankle issues), watching the pickup pond hockey games in the center of the pond.

  • Park City Yoga Adventures

    Try SUP Yoga

    Prefer water sports in a non-frozen form? Plenty of resorts offer activities beyond the hot tub (not that there's anything wrong with a little R&R).

    #MakeFitHappen: Park City Yoga Adventures offers challenging classes that will keep you in a swimsuit while your friends are bundled up in ski gear. Inside a 10,000-year-old crater—where you'll find a geothermal pool—a yoga instructor demonstrates the poses from the dock, and you try to do them SUP style. If you fall off, though, it's no big deal: The water is a luxurious 90 degrees.

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    Take a Hike

    Sure, you can always put on your snow boots and go for a self-guided trek—just stay on marked trails. But it's even better with an expert who can point out what's what.

    #MakeFitHappen: At Jackson Hole's Hotel Terra, a staff naturalist takes guests through a wildlife safari hike where he gives fun facts about the plants and animals you'll spot, including elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles. At night, he leads astronomy walks where the exceptionally dark skies are great for stargazing.