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This Quick Bootcamp Workout Will Tone Your Abs and Amp Up Your Endurance

Looking for maximum burn in a short amount of time? These 20 minutes will challenge you and have you getting in a good sweat without hours spent going to the gym. In this Grokker cardio boot camp video, fitness guru Jaime McFaden will cycle you through 10 nonstop cardio moves to get your heart rate up, rev your metabolism, and torch fat. The best part? You don't need a treadmill or any special equipment! In this installment of Jaime's Tone and Trim series, modifications for beginners and advanced levels make this an easy and excellent cardio routine for everyone.

Workout details: No warm-up necessary! Perform each move for 1 minute.

Start off with jumping jacks, alternating side plank knee lifts, and squat hops. Continue with marches, mountain climbers, fast feet, and jumping rope. Change it up to good mornings, push-ups, and finally chair squats. Repeat the entire circuit for maximum burn. For the cool-down, get into a runner's lunge, then a hamstring stretch, triangle pose, and some calming deep breaths to close out your practice.

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