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The 10 Stages of Putting Yourself Through a Boot-Camp Class

Boot camp: It's the one type of workout we actively love to hate. You psych yourself up, prepare mentally, and then have to watch the previous class emerge sweating and on the brink of collapse. You know it'll be a great workout (See: The 10-Minute Booty Boot-Camp Workout) and your body will thank you for it, but it's a process to take the leap every time. We've all been there, and these are all the feels we get.

1. When you first arrive.


Why am I here? Seriously though. It's like I did that push-up last week for nothing...

2. When you're trying to psyche yourself up for class.

Dance Moms

You missed happy hour to be here. This better be worth it.

3. Once you actually get started.


It's already been brought-en!

4. Then you find your groove.


This isn't so bad... Maybe actually fun?

5. Then you realize it was only your warm-up.

The Office

Just kidding about that fun thing.

6. When you become numb to the pain.


And then you realize you're the baddest b*tch there ever was.

7. When the instructor gives you a shout out.



8. When you make the mistake of looking at the clock.

Glee are there still 20 minutes left? Did time stop during the burpees? Did they never start the clock? What the actual eff is going on?

9. But then, all of a sudden, your instructor says this is the final push.


So obviously you're to handle this like Bey would.

10. When class is finally over.


On the outside it's rough, but on the inside you know you're a true champion.


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