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8 Crazy Fitness Classes You'll Never Find Boring

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    Downward dog? More like actual dog. This Florida-based practice uses a pet's body weight to enhance human poses. Doga has been shown to provide all the benefits of traditional yoga, such as increased flexibility and reduced stress—with the added benefit of deepening the emotional bond between pet and owner. (

  • Throwback Fitness

    Throwback Fitness Beer Pong

    How's this for a #tbt? Every Thursday night, Throwback Fitness in New York City offers a class that'll have you competitively racing your opponents for that sweet taste of victory (and Bud Light). Think: College but with more work. The majority of this class consists of strenuous miles on a rowing machine and floor exercises like burpees, planks, and crunches. (

  • New York Jedi

    Lightsaber Class

    Star Wars fans, rejoice. The studio, located in New York City, combines the work of experienced dancers, martial artists, and cosplayers to bring you a truly genuine combat classes straight out of the science fiction world you love. Lightsaber replicas included. (

  • Vegas Stiletto Fitness

    Stiletto Fitness

    Unleash your inner showgirl with the Stiletto Fitness class. Taught by a former professional dancer in Vegas, this class is a choreographed dance routine done in your favorite pair of heels. With the lights dimmed and the music blaring, your inhibitions are gone—allowing you to explore your sensuality and heighten your sense of empowerment, all while getting a great workout. Find a venue near you:

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    Ganja Yoga

    In this San Francisco–based yoga class, students are encouraged to bring medical marijuana to class. If they don't have a medical marijuana card, they're asked to do their smoking elsewhere before class starts. (


    Pound Drumming

    A full-body cardio jam session, Pound combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming to get your arms in rock-hard shape. The class has preset playlists, forcing you to keep the beat and follow the rhythm all the way to your dream bod. Classes are all over the United States, so give it a go. (

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    Laughter Yoga

    They say laughter is the best medicine, but how about the best workout? Based on the scientific fact that body can't differentiate between real and fake laughter, this yoga technique reduces stress and fills you with positive energy. Go ahead, laugh it up. (

  • Daybreaker


    OK, this is more of a morning rave than a fitness class. But hey, dancing burns calories. Daybreaker hosts A.M. dance parties (fueled by caffeine, not alcohol) in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle (soon to expand to Philadelphia, DC, and Chicago). So you can start the workday in a seriously uplifted mood. Just remember to remove your glow stick before that morning meeting. (