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The 30-Minute Workout That Will Tone Your Butt, Thighs, and Arms


We've all been there: You just don't feel like going to the gym, but you still want to work out. This 30-minute butt, legs and arms focused workout is the answer to your prayers! All you need is a set of dumbbells, minimal space, and maybe a mat. These are the same moves I've used when training stars like Rumer Willis and Sara Underwood—they're both known for their toned physiques, but especially their butts and arms.

When you're trying to be efficient with your workout, it's important to maximize the amount of work and minimize the amount of recovery. This workout is super effective because we alternate between a lower body specific exercise and an arm exercise. The arm exercises act as an active recovery portion for your legs—your legs get just enough time to recover before being worked again. So instead of thinking of recovery as coming to a complete stop to rest and catch your breath; start to think of recovery as a less intense or less complex exercise that you can do instead.

Boutique studios like SoulCycle and Orangetheory Fitness are successful because they maximize time and efficiency by programming intense bursts of all out effort with sections of active recovery. You practically never stop moving, so you're constantly working different muscles the entire time.

The way this workout is structured with 4 blocks (circuits). Each block consists of 3 exercises in this order:

A) Lower Body :: 60 seconds

B) Upper Body :: 75 seconds

C) Lower Body :: 60 seconds

D) Rest :: 15 seconds

We go through the entire workout once, then repeat it a second time through. To spice things up, there are a few surprises in there to round out the entire 30 minutes!

Depending on your time constraints, you can also try this 15-minute booty and arms workout, or you can check out my YouTube channel and pick from a wide selection of shorter or longer workouts!

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