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30-Day Squat Challenge: One Month to a Better Butt

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When it comes to butt-sculpting moves, there's no better, more efficient exercise than the squat. Seriously. This exercise targets not only your glutes, but your thighs and core. So when we decided to put together a plan that helps you look banging in that bikini, we knew it had to be this 30-day squat challenge. Follow this plan along with your typical workout (even on running or lower-body days), except on the final day, when you'll put all the moves together for a complete booty boot camp (see below for full description). Alex Silver-Fagan, an ACE-certified Nike trainer based in New York City, provided the moves and demo, now you provide the commitment. Check out how to master proper squat form, and let's get started.

The 30-Day Squat Challenge Follow-Along Calendar

30 day squat challenge calendar

The 30-Day Squat Challenge Exercises

Basic Squat
First, you'll need to master a classic squat.


Squat with Kickbacks
"This variation fires your glutes right from the start," says Silver-Fagan.


Sumo Squat
This variation helps you keep your torso lifted throughout the exercise, while giving your glutes extra attention.


Reaching Sumo Squat
"Adding the reach gets your calves firing," says Silver-Fagan. "It also boosts your heart rate."


Oblique Squat
Even a classic squat carves your core, but this oblique squat takes your ab workout to the next level.


Jump Squat

Silver-Fagan likes this variation because it adds some shoulder mobility work to the mix.


Narrow Squat
This stance sets you up for the pistol squat that follows.


Pistol Squat
"Your glutes are forced to work harder as you stand upright and push your hips forward," says Silver-Fagan.


Curtsey Squat

These next two moves play with different planes of motion. First, you move laterally in this curtsey squat...


Split Squat
Then, you transition into a front-to-back motion in the split squat, explains Silver-Fagan.


Isometric Squat with Toe Taps
Silver-Fagan calls this the "booty burn" because your muscles have less time to rest.


Pop Squat
"Adding in the pop squat gives your legs a breather after the isometric squat, flushing out the lactic acid, while also adding some cardio."


The Final Superset Challenge

On the last day of this 30-day squat challenge, combine each move together for the following superset workout:

Superset 1
Basic squat: 5 reps
Kickback squat: 5 reps on each leg
Repeat once

Superset 2
Sumo squat: 5 reps
Reaching sumo squat: 5 reps
Repeat once

Superset 3
Oblique squat: 5 reps
Jump squat: 5 reps
Repeat once

Superset 4
Narrow squat: 5 reps
Pistol squat: 5 reps on each leg
Repeat once

Superset 5
Curtsey squat: 5 reps each leg
Split squat: 5 reps each leg
Repeat once

Superset 6
Isometric squat with toe taps: 5 reps each leg
Pop squat: 5 reps
Repeat once




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