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How to Get Rid of Ugly Back Fat


Question: "Ugh! I've got back fat that bulges out over my bra. How can I get rid of it?"

Answer: "You can't spot-reduce, but you can spot-firm," says Chris Santos, director of personal training at The Gym in New York City. To tone up this area, he suggests using the upper-body ergometer, which you can find in almost any gym. The machine, which looks like rotating bicycle handlebars, will challenge your entire upper body while burning more than 300 calories an hour, to help you get trim all over.

For Best Results: Use the ergometer three times a week, starting at 10 minutes and building up to 30. Try to maintain a speed of 50 to 60 RPM and a resistance between 5 and 7, and change directions every two minutes to keep your muscles challenged, says Santos.

For More of a Challenge: Try using the machine while standing rather than sitting.