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5 Things That Make Strong Arms Seriously Awesome

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    They'll Boost Any Workout

    Whether you swim, run, ellipticize, hit backhand, or chaturanga, your arms can take your workout from meh to wow. Strong shoulders, biceps, and triceps will help you slice through the water, propel you along the trail, and just keep you pumping more efficiently in general.

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    You'll Carry Groceries Like a Boss

    A buff upper body makes everyday tasks—shlepping bags, moving furniture, lifting babies, storing your suitcase in the overhead compartment—a breeze instead of a chore. Plus, it's empowering. Remember: You. Got. This.

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    You'll Rock Tank Tops Come Summer

    True, it's easy to hide the effects of hibernation under a cozy sweater. But before you know it, spring will be here—with the promise of wispy tanks, fluttery cap sleeves, sexy halters, and look-at-me strapless tops on the horizon. Be ready.

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    You'll Channel Your Inner Michelle Obama

    First Lady Michelle Obama is just as known for her badass arms as she is for her Let's Move! campaign. Who knows? You might be more motivated to up your F&V intake, too. Try the Michelle Obama Upper-Body Workout.

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    They're Easy to Show Off

    We love flat abs and toned legs just as much as the next girl, but let's face it: It's tough to get credit for your efforts unless you're at the beach. Sculpted arms are the easiest way to flaunt your fitness, whether you're at the office or a bar.