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Get Your Guns Blazing with This Summer Arm Workout

It's officially summer! Although margaritas and mimosas are the perfect way to celebrate, let's start with a great arm workout so you'll look great for the festivities. This workout will target your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and core—all in 10-minutes! You'll pack a ton of work into a short amount of time. There's no real rest throughout the entire routine—but that just means more time for margs later on! Think of it like an extended weights section during SoulCycle, except without the bike. All you'll need is a set of light or medium dumbbells to get the party started.

The breakdown of the workout is pretty simple, but the way it's structured is what makes it super-efficient and effective: 60 seconds of an arm-toning exercise followed by a 20-second burst of punches. Each arm exercise will be targeted biceps or triceps toning work, along with some compound arm movements. The punches will act as a way to bring the heart rate up a bit, while also defining your shoulders. By the end of the workout, your arms will already feel firmer and tighter.

If you're looking for a longer sweat session, check out this 30-minute butt, thighs and arms workout and/or this 60-minute HIIT workout. Or combine the above workout with a 20-minute booty sculpting routine and this quick 10-minute ab burner!

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