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An Upper Body Workout for Seriously Toned Muscles

Strength training doesn't have to be slow—or boring! Case in point: this full-body boot-camp challenge brings the intensity to the next level to tone your biceps and triceps while also defining muscles on your back and chest.

Focusing on these areas isn't just important for boosting your performance (and ability to rock a push-up). It's also a must for everyday activities. Our bodies can easily become imbalanced since we tend to carry everything from groceries to tote bags using our dominant side, leading many people to report feeling chronic neck and back pain.

Instead of ignoring those areas in favor of your core or butt, make them part of your daily routine. This high-intensity challenge takes you through two rounds of moves sure to make you break a sweat. Get ready for dumbbell sumo rows and bicycle crunches! Feel the burn now, and you'll feel it less on an everyday basis when you're lugging heavy packages up five flights of stairs.

Drop and give me 20 never felt so good.


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