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Watch This 6-Month-Old Hold a Perfect Plank Longer Than You

Rowan McGowan is just six months old—and while he can't even sit up on his own yet, he can hold a solid plank for up to 34 seconds. Not only that, but he doesn't even need a break before trying again. (Related: This Yoga Mom is Going Viral For Performing Amazing Poses With Her Kids)

In a video posted on YouTube, Rowan is shown planking with his mom Dana, who is a Buti yoga instructor from Kentucky according to The Daily Mail. While that makes it easy to see where he gets his upper body strength from, baby Rowan's form and dedication is still incredibly impressive.

"Good plank buddy! Pull that core in tight," Dana says encouraging her tiny son. "Keep going monkey," she continues before telling him just how amazing he is.

Over half a minute later, Rowan drops back down to his mat momentarily, getting right back up to try again. This time though he isn't able to stay up for quite as long, which is why, like a total pro, he drops down to his knees to do a variation of the move. (Related: Plank Variations That Torch Your Core From All Angles) In awe, his mom awards his hard work with a hundred kisses.

Watch Rowan do his thing in the video below:


Faith Brar

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