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The Surf-Inspired Interval Workout Everyone Needs During Summer

Surfers always have washboard abs for a reason — the sport requires you to constantly engage your core, all while twisting and shifting your weight so you can ride that wave all the way to the shore. (Plus, hello, riding the water like that — and pulling off fancy tricks — can burn a ton of calories). But let's be real: How often do you actually have access to good waves, a surfboard, and stellar weather?

That's where Surfset New York City comes in. Because they didn't want people to misso ut on the physical benefits of surfing, the company offers classes that incorporate stability surfboards to hit all the same muscles you'd build from riding a wave, all without setting foot on a beach. Curious about whether this workout would make us want to hang ten (sorry, had to), the #FitFam made a field trip to the studio for a class on Facebook Live. The workout, led by instructor Diana Garrett, lasted about 50 minutes and consisted of two rounds of cardio, plus a strength and stability portion. In other words, it was about as well-rounded as a workout can get.

The best part about this workout style is, of course, improving your balance. (Speaking of, do you know how good yours is?) The surfboard you use throughout the workout is elevated (and moves just like it would on the waves), and because it's 6-feet in length, there are a ton of moves you can bust out to work those stabilizer muscles to the max. (If a stability ball is more your style, though, try these moves.) Plus, because you're working on balance, that core gets ~lit~ in an effort to prevent a wipeout.

And because you're supposed to be, ya know, surfing, the workout can't end without practicing the basics: paddling through water, popping up onto the board, and riding it all the way to the finish. (Which, BTW, will leave you feeling exhausted, regardless of whether there's actually water present.)

Of course, not everyone has a stability surfboard lying around, so if that's you, don't fret — you can still follow the workout at home. Most moves can be performed on the ground or a yoga mat — just listen for instructor Diana's cues for how to modify. Before you know it, you'll have strength and balance to rival real surf pros. (Don't forget to try these 6 exercises that get you surf-ready for summer.)