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Try These Pilates Moves for A Stronger Core ASAP

The Pilates hundred is famous for revolutionizing core training because, heck, it finally included a full 360-degrees of toning action. But you don't have to limit your abs workout to just that. There are plenty of classic Pilates exercises that double as ab blasters, and a million different ways to tweak them for a truly customized burn.

That's why Amy Jordan, celeb trainer and founder of WundaBar Pilates in California and New York City, put together a quick circuit that tones your entire core region. Not only will it help you develop a strong core that'll keep you centered and feeling svelte, but it can make daily tasks—like carrying bags of groceries and lifting up that adorable niece and nephew—a whole let easier. (Not to mention tasks like moving your couch or lifting a suitcase overhead become a whole lot safer.) All you need is a chair or counter to help with balance, and a towel. (Yes, it's used for more than wiping off sweat.) Then follow Jordan in the video below as she squats, lunges, and pliés her way to a firmer core. 

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