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Get a Flat Belly in 10 Minutes

  • Karen Pearson

    Pike and Extend

    Targets: Abs, legs

    • a. Lie faceup on mat with legs extended over hips, arms overhead. Crunch up, reaching hands toward feet.
    • b. Keeping legs straight, bring arms back overhead as you lower upper back and left leg toward floor.
    • Crunch up, lifting left leg over hips and reaching hands to toes. Switch legs; repeat. Do 20 reps, alternating sides.
  • Karen Pearson

    Standing Side Crunch

    Targets: Obliques, legs

    • Stand on left leg, left arm extended out to side at shoulder height, right foot lifted a few inches off floor to the side.
    • Place right hand behind head, elbow bent out to side at shoulder level, then lift right knee toward right elbow.
    • Do 15 reps; switch sides and repeat.
  • Karen Pearson

    Chest Flye with Leg Extension

    Targets: Chest, abs

    • Lie faceup on mat, knees bent 90 degrees over hips, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms extended over chest, palms in.
    • Keeping right knee bent, straighten left leg toward floor as you lower arms out to sides. Hold for 1 count, then return to start.
    • Do 10 reps. Switch legs; repeat.
  • Karen Pearson

    Knee-Up with Overhead Press

    Targets: Shoulders, abs, glutes

    • Sit on mat with knees bent and feet on floor, holding dumbbells near shoulders, elbows by sides, palms in.
    • Lean back slightly and extend arms overhead as you lift feet a few inches off floor and bring knees toward chest.
    • Hold position for 1 to 3 counts; return to start. Do 15 reps.
  • Karen Pearson

    Lunge and Twist

    Targets: Abs, glutes, legs

    • Stand with feet together. Lunge back with left leg, bending knees 90 degrees, and reach left hand to right foot.
    • Stand up, lift left knee in front of you to hip height, and bring fists to chest, bending elbows out to sides as you twist left. Twist to center, lunge left leg back, and repeat.
    • Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat.
  • Video: Your Flat-Belly Workout

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