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Express Abs Workouts

You can get strong, sexy abs in 21 minutes or less. Try the popular 21-Minute Abs Makeover, or skip to one of our shorter 10-minute or 5-minute abs workouts.

When the workweek takes hold of your gym schedule, this express workout will torch your abs in record time.

Carving killer abs doesn't need to kill your free time (and if it does, you need to master more efficient moves).

Check it—these compound moves will get you sexy arms faster than those old one-spot-at-a-time sets.

Tired of crunching your way to better abs? Try this 10-minute abs workout for a sexy change of pace.

6 moves that trim, tighten, and tone your abs. The best part: You already own the only equipment required!

Try these twisting ab-focused exercise moves to challenge your torso muscles from every angle — tightening and toning your abs fast!

This super-effective workout routine designed by Susan Moran-Perich, vice president of Power Pilates in New York City, combines cardio and pilates to beat belly flab.

These core strengthening exercises will flatten your abs, increase stamina and improve your posture. To make each move harder, try adding weights to exercises without any.