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The Orgasm Workout?


The Coregasm

Some rumors are irresistible. Like Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal — cute! Or certain core workouts can make you orgasm. Screech. Wait, you haven't heard that one? Me neither, until certain male friends started whispering about it. (Of course they're the main purveyors of this rumor!)

The tale of the female "coregasm" goes like this: squeeze the right pelvic muscles, dig deep, and blast your way through enough reps of some serious lower ab moves. Then right there in the gym, sweet, innocent, just-getting-in-a-workout you have a big fat orgasm.

Male fantasy? Maybe. But suddenly my usual ab workout motivation — the dream of a chiseled six-pack — seemed a little pale in comparison to, shall we say, more immediate rewards. Raring-to-go, I hit the gym to test out all the potentially orgasm-inducing ab exercises I could think of.

My Coregasm Routine

Move #1: Leg Pulse

I started with the leg pulse, a lower ab workout extraordinaire. 4 sets of 15 reps later (plus plenty of sexy thoughts) and I had... some tired lower ab muscles.

Move #2: Abdominal Hold

I modified the abdominal hold by slowly raising and lowering my legs instead of just holding them. Extra tough on the muscles, plus I figured a little friction couldn't hurt. My plan for another 4 sets of 15 quickly turned into a plan to lie on the floor recovering after 1 set of 7.

Move #3: Knee Raises

Finally, I cut to the chase with the lower ab move the guys touted as the creme de la creme of big O triggers — the hanging knee raise. Dangling from a pull-up bar, I raised my knees to sitting position, then slowly lowered them. Wow, did I feel my lower ab muscles. Wow, was that all I felt.

Get video demonstrations of these exercises from the Coregasm Workout

An Orgasm Workout That Works

After my totally non-orgasmic workout, I checked in with personal trainer Ashley Borden. "Ab moves that trigger an orgasm?" she laughed. "That's never happened to me or to anyone I've trained, at least in front of my face. But a strong pelvic floor absolutely, 1,000 percent adds to your sex life."

Rather than the ballistic ab moves I tried, she suggested modified versions. "For 90 percent of people, lifting one leg at a time, rather than both at once, is best." She also suggested a more internal workout. Yes, the magic of kegels.

Ready to rest on my rumor-debunking laurels, I called my friend Wendy to brag. "Coregasms, ha! Men are ridiculous."

"Other people have coregasms too!?" Wendy said. "I always thought it was just me!" Apparently leg lifts really do it for her.

And so the rumor lives on. Want to try for a coregasm yourself? Give these lower ab moves a spin.

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