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Sculpt Strong Abs with This 10-Minute Routine

The desire for a six-pack isn't the only reason to work on strengthening your core (although that's the perk most people think about). Research shows that strong abs benefit for your health in a lot of other ways, like improving posture, lessening back pain, and boosting your running performance, just to name a few. And yeah, you'll earn some serious bragging rights when you rock your sports bra sans shirt in spin class.

While a healthy diet and overall fat-burning workout routine are crucial in blasting belly fat—as you well know—ab exercises can help take your core game to the next level. Too busy to hit the gym? Most core exercises require barely any space or equipment to execute, which means you can work them into your routine whether you're on the road or at home—no gym membership, no excuses.

Prime example: This video, the first part in a four-week slim-down series, includes two sets of exercises that engage the entire circumference of your core, not just your front abdominal muscles for a full-on ab blast. Grab an exercise mat and light ball and prepare for 10 minutes of core-burning exercises, led by personal trainer Sarah Kusch.

Hey, no pain, no gain, right?

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