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The 10-Minute Ab Workout That Will Torch Your Core

This is one hardcore ab routine that will get your heart pumping. It only requires 10 minutes of your time, plus some sweat and grit—no equipment needed. The workout features 10 intense exercises that will target your entire abdominal area. Get ready to sculpt, lengthen, and define your abs for a tighter and flatter midsection.

For even more awesome abdominal and core work, be sure to try out our 30-Day Ab Challenge for flatter abs fast. Use the day-by-day breakdown for everything you need to achieve a stronger core and tighter stomach in one month flat. Every week there's a fast ab workout that you'll do for four days of the week, plus a HIIT day, a sprint day, and a rest day. Like the Ab Challenge, this routine will definitely work those abs, but you should combine it with some high-intensity interval training to really burn fat and torch calories.

Head over to my YouTube channel to choose from over 60 free HIIT workouts, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes in length. And as the saying goes, "abs are made in the kitchen"—so for maximum results, be sure to couple all your hard work with nutrient-dense, fat-burning foods. Work hard, eat right, and get those abs tight!

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