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Yes, This Is Real: Woman Invents a Wine Workout

When you hear your coworkers say it's "wine o'clock" they usually mean they're going to grab a glass of vino and relax. But for April Storey it means grabbing a bottle or two, and her running shoes.

The fitness enthusiast came up with a wine workout that uses bottles of wine both for resistance and for reward. Wearing a "will run for wine" tank (btw, we want one!), she shows how to take sips between biceps curls and tone your shoulders by pumping bottles.

While the video was made mostly as a joke, she said the message behind it was more serious. Soon after the video went viral, Storey took to her Instagram to explain that her goal is to show that fitness can be fun and that you can incorporate healthy living into your daily life using everyday items. Plus, you can still enjoy treats—that includes a glass or three of wine.

"If it encourages someone to go work out because they can have a beer afterwards, there are worse things that could trend," Storey told "This could be a great way to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle and show people you don't have to feel deprived and eliminate the things we love, like beer and wine, we just have to be smart and use moderation."

She's since made a follow-up video that shows how to do the wine workout with a partner because drinking and workouts are two things that are definitely better with friends!