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13 Thoughts You've Had Before a 7 A.M. Workout

When the alarm first goes off.

Bed. Is. Better. Than. Everything. Ever.

"Why am I doing this, again?"

"How do people even function at this ungodly hour?"

"Do I really need to brush my teeth?"

"Uh oh. I forgot to pack my gym bag last night."

"What can I eat for breakfast that won't make me want to puke my guts out during spin class?"

"To make a smoothie and wake up the entire house, or not to make a smoothie and wake up the entire house?"

"Make a smoothie. The entire house can fall back asleep."

"Why is the sun so bright?"

"This instructor has more energy than a cheerleader on Red Bull."

"But I got my workout done before most people even wake up!"