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These Fitspo Quotes Are All the Monday Motivation You Need

  • Sweat More, Bitch Less

    We know you've heard it before: Bitching doesn't burn calories. But getting up and crushing your spin class certainly does!

  • Challenge = Change

    Yes, it sucks, but that last squat burns for a reason. When you feel like giving up, do 10 more!

  • Excuses Don't Burn Calories

    So be stronger than your strongest excuse! (Your abs will definitely thank you later.)

  • Slow and Steady > Couch

    However long it takes you, your mile time will be wayyy faster than someone who never even started.

  • Get Up and Don't Give Up

    Showing up is half the battle. Start moving before your mind realizes what your body's doing.

  • Hustle for the Muscle

    Because guess what? The muscles you want are built through effort, not excuses.

  • Be Fearless

    It may seem scary, but you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you venture outside of your comfort zone!

  • Wake Up Determined to Go to Bed Satisfied

    Because we all know nothing feels better than sinking into bed at night and knowing your muscles darn well earned it.

  • Will Is a Skill

    Sure, crossing the finish line is great, but having the willpower to start is just as important.

  • The Best Views Come After the Hardest Climb

    As they say, go the extra mile, it's never crowded—and it's totally worth it for the Instagram (OK, we said that!).


Kylie Gilbert

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