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The 10 Phases of Hitting the Gym After the Holidays

Let's Do This!

1. With holiday cookies far behind you, you could't be more ready to commit to fit.

Holy, Crowded

2. You show up at the gym and instantly realize you're not alone. According to a Nielsen report, 69 percent of Americans resolve to either get fit or lose weight in the New Year. But did they all need to join your gym?

That's Just Not Right

3. Wait, what is everyone doing? It's not only packed, but it's filled with people who have no idea what they're doing. Seriously, that guy is going to hurt himself. You know it's better to just stick with the basics. They work.

Look What I Can Do!

4. You hop on the treadmill and instantly crank up the speed. Whoops, maybe you gave yourself a little too much credit. It takes everyone a bit of time to rebound after the holidays. Remember that fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

5. You move over to the weights. There's a clear divide between the gym rats and newbies and you're not sure which one you fall under. But lifting weights has been shown to increase your fitness plus boost memory and brain function, so it's go time.

Whoa, I'm Strong

6. You managed to do all your reps and are feeling invincible. You've done your homework and know that the scary machine in the corner has nothing on you.

Drop It Like a Squat

7. Now it's on to squats. You square up in front of the mirror and crank up the Beyoncé in your headphones.

Err, Uh-Oh

8. You might have gotten a little too carried away. Confidence is great as long as it doesn't come at the expense of a pulled muscle or broken bone. Know your limits. Feeling the burning is one thing, but you never want to be in pain.

This Is the Year I Finally Get a Six-Pack

9. No good workout is complete without some time for abs. The mat is covered with people "stretching," but you manage to find a corner spot perfect for working on your core.

I Made It!

10. Your first workout of 2016 is complete! You battled the crowds and worked up a good sweat. It will take a lot more than a busy gym to keep you from reaching your healthy goals this year. You'll be back!