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10 Cats GIFs That Summarize Your Workout Pain

Your alarm goes off and for a second you wonder if it's a mistake. It's still dark out.

You did it. You woke up earlier than the sun and you got to the gym. That should be considered a victory in itself right?

When you arrive to the gym and realize you forgot your headphones.

There is literally no worse feeling. No, the gym music will absolutely not cut it.

When you really don't feel like working out but your gym outfit is on point.

You show off that athleisure, girl.

When you finally convince your friend to join your workout, and it's less fun than expected.

OK, I get that you've never been here before, but you're going to need to leave me some space.

When the gym is totally packed, and you can't find an open treadmill.

Not the place for a marathon, people.

When you see that gym crush, but you try to play it cool.

"AH! Did he see me? Does he think I'm following him?!"

When you're just waiting for that person to get off your machine.

Go ahead, do another curl at the squat rack. Pleeeaaase.

That one person in class who just needs to do less.

There's always one person who's just a little overenthusiastic with the instructor. #chill.

When you look at the clock in your spin class, and you're only halfway through.

You're feeling great, giving it your all and then you glance at the clock. Clocks shouldn't be allowed in gyms.

The morning after an intense weight lifting sesh.

The pain is real, friends.