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Tone Up for Summer With This Fast Full-Body Workout

  • Inchworm Jacks

    1. Start by walking out to plank position on your hands.
    2. Jack your feet into a straddle and back.
    3. Walk hands back towards your feet quickly to keep your heart rate up.
    4. Finish with a clap at the top. Repeat the full move on a loop for 60 seconds.
  • Booty Blaster

    1. Complete two jump lunges alternating your legs.
    2. End with a squat and repeat the loop for 45 seconds without stopping. Pick up speed as you go along!
  • Single Leg Down Dog into Spiderman

    1. Come into a reverse pike position, or down dog.
    2. Inhale and raise your right leg high while remaining in position.
    3. Exhale pulling the right knee to the right shoulder as you shift your weight to bring your shoulders over your wrists.
    4. Inhale to return to Single Leg Down Dog and repeat, switching legs for 60 seconds.
  • High Knees to Tuck Jump

    1. Run in place with high knees, bringing each knee as close to the chest as possible 10 times.
    2. After the 10th rep, pull both knees into chest, jumping as high as you can and landing lightly on the balls of your feet. Repeat for 45 seconds.
  • Crunch with Leg Extension

    1. Begin on your back, hands behind head for support. Left leg is extended while right is flexed. Your foot is resting inside the left knee.
    2. Exhale and lift your left leg straight to the sky and return to your starting position before switching flexed and extended legs. Repeat alternating legs for 60 seconds.
  • Mountain Climbers into Triceps Push-ups

    1. Begin in plank position and pull each knee into the chest as fast as you can for 10 reps.
    2. Complete 1 tricep push-up, keeping your elbows tight to the body and pressing through the heel of your palms.
    3. Each time you complete a set of mountain climbers, add one more push-up to the rep so by the end you are doing a few push-ups at a time. (You can modify by moving to your knees.) Repeat for 60 seconds.
  • Jumping Jacks to Power Jack

    1. Do 10 regular jumping jacks, with arms all the way overhead.
    2. After the 10th jumping jack, jump as high in the air as possible, with arms and legs spread wide (like a star). Land with a small squat to prevent your knees from absorbing the impact.
    3. Repeat for 45 seconds.
  • V-Ups

    1. Begin with arms overhead and legs extended, hovering one inch above the ground.
    2. Exhale and touch toes in an inverted pike position. With control, return to the starting position.
    3. Repeat this move slowly and controlled for 30 seconds.
  • Down Dog Butt Lifts into Down Dog Push-Up

    1. In your down dog, lift and bend your right leg until it resembles a backwards "L." Flex your foot and push it against an imaginary ceiling.
    2. Complete 10 reps before doing 1 push-up in down dog. Repeat the sequence for 30 seconds, then switch legs for a total of 60 seconds.
  • Burpee to Arch

    1. Start your burpee in standing position, knees slightly bent.
    2. Drop down to the floor by hinging at the hips and replacing your feet with your hands.
    3. Bring your chest to touch the ground (only linger for a split-second!)
    4. Extend legs and arms, using the back line of the body to lift you off the ground. Return to standing and repeat for 45 seconds.